Everything that Teen-Batman, Kiddy-Batman, and Baby-Batman says is fucking hilarious. HIS VOICE CRACKS!! I’m dying over here. XD

"aw shucks Mary"

"last one there’s a rotten egg!"

"recess is over you mean old meany!"

"you’ve just earned yourself 5 to 10 minutes of hard time. IN THE CORNER OF THE ROOM."

"Yeah, BFFS forever. *points to Mary* except for her. she has cooties."

"You better stop acting like babies or I’m gonna tell!"

"STOP YOU’RE DESTROYING THE CITY!!! (<his baby voice is too fucking cute!!)"

"There. Now tell me what’s da mabber with you gais. (<baby talk. sound it out)"


Dude, Baby-Batman is both incredibly adorable, and yet still BAMF.   :3

(Batman Brave and The Bold Season 2 Episode 26: The Malicious Mr Mind 

Part 2/3)

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